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Unlimited Budget Works

Yeah that didn’t go well… let’s try once again to resurrect.

To bring back ancient powers beyond our understanding. An actual completion of the 3rd sorcery in real life.

That’s all I have to say about this new project, thanks Velox, your legacy will live on. ( Please don’t sue)



System Back up…

Being having some problems with either work  or some stuff I can’t even talk about it. Anyway, I’ve been practically “dead” this year but as a fenix I must resurrect and bring something new from time to time, first I haven’t abandoned the TM databait project, it’s alive but my pc crash because I uploaded to many things to that freaking page… I’m working on a way to fix that without having to buy more RAM, I have to many figures I don’t wanna miss and a new HDD to buy if I wanna keep collecting animu.

The other thing is I haven’t been THAT dead, even though the “fansub” era is pretty much dead for me, and I don’t wanna keep going on after all these years ’cause I have lost most of my motivation, Yeah everybody I don’t know whether TOSHOKAN fansub will keep on going or not, I wanted to but the times between releases just keep growing and growing and I feel it’s happening the same thing that happened with Anime-Team, soon it’ll be dead, much like the spanish fansubing scene. So I’m going SOLO again. And no, this time I wont recruit anyone to form a new group, I’m a Stray Wolf after all, going in packs it’s not my thing, if my former companions decide to release Jojo and some other series in which I provided the script, well that would be sweet, if not then don’t blame me, I tried, Oh I tried and prayed for the release of Fate/Zero BD, downloaded the whole thing with my crappy internet (not so crappy anymore) the only thing that was missing was tweaking the scripts a little bit and that would be all, but it didn’t happen and let’s not lie anymore, it probably never happen.

So I’m here again alone as it should be… I’ll do my thing they’ll do theirs, we may or may not cross paths again, though from my experience that mostly never happens in my little world. Once you go your way it’s practically impossible to work the same as before.

That being said, I’m closing this “Toshokan chapter” and moving to the next project.

So… what’s next? First creating my own job, sorta, it’s a complicated thing but I’ve been importing stuff and after dozens of trials and errors I reached my final state of knowing what to do next and how attack the market. What I been doing was just a test I suppose and now with a little financial back up from a trusted investor, I’ll break free from slavery, yay.

And what’s next on the stuff that people really care, cause the previous part was something personal that nobody ever knew nor is interested in… let’s see. I just go with the flow, like water or the wind, I don’t have “plans” so let me update with some stuff that I’ve worked in the past months just because shit and giggles:

The Archetype / Clone Chart (still on progress)

Archetype Clone Chart

Archetype Clone Chart

Of course you’ll have to be an /a/ citizen to understand some of the jokes here, and this shit right here isn’t serious at all, so fuck off if you’re one of those that wants some of the categories renamed cause a character came way before that the other, take your autism somewhere else please.

Also these Ryuko Edits that I did on a whim, as you guys may know I’m mostly a harmless tripfag lurker, I don’t post that often in /a/, I just like to read whatever stupidity comes out of it, and it’s been 8 years for me of reading stupid shit on that board, and I love it, I love to create OC for anons every once in a while when I’m in the mood and these are pretty good examples of it:


Find the whole thing on my pixiv if you want:

And lastly but not any less important, yeah that, you guys guessed right, you’re deductive abilities are better than Sherlock Holmes’s, I’ve been playing Kancolle after some friends insisted I should, and I love the game and all my fair earned Kanmusus, I wanna do some vectors for the Teitoku Community out there, and I will probably after the Arpeggio x Kancolle event… so next year, I’ll be subbing the anime when comes out the same with the ufotable project. As I said earlier, please don’t expect me to give you guys a proper release, I’ll only provide scripts.


Pretty festive eh?

hardcore rape poi

Poor Little Poi

Hang in there Poi, soon you’ll be grown up lady able to beat the abysmal bitches, I swear.

And that’s pretty much all, now if you excuse me I’ll be back to the world of the dead ones and play some more kancolle…

As you all may know it I’ve been avoiding to post due to various reasons, mostly being too busy with irl stuff, some games and also work.

but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing nothing for the revival of that project that I started way back at iichan and /a/…

No I haven’t forgotten, most of you came here because you heard or read that this blog had most OSTs TM related, I’m a big TMfag after all.

Anyway today I present you what I’ve been working on the past week… I needed inspiration to start… and I could have bring myself to do it earlier but finally never did.

ost works

Now this Great Grial will have everything available in the internet and all the things I can upload on my own with this shitty connection…

The main difference this time is:

-Classification per Title

-Little Description along with cover art and track titles.

-New links

-Video Section, Novels and Games.

soundtrack collection

If you can help by uploading links or making some renders/vectors, please mail me at :

Also if anyone know a good free domain + hosting site that doesn’t suck do tell me.

P.D: Oh yeah now that I’m “back” I may aswell update this blog more often… so see ya next time!


Design Progress = 40%

Link update = 0.5%





Update: Sections will be game themed…




You gotta admit this shit looks cool, anyone wanna offer himself for a beta testing?


FZ-01-ABueno esta fecha no se presta mucho para hacer anuncios ¿no? Pero es la verdad, despues de un largo recorrido al fín podemos lanzar Fate/Zero. Repito esta no es una broma del 1ro de abril.

Una de las series que venía anunciando desde hace mucho la salida en BDrip pero que por diversas circunstancias no es hasta el día de hoy en que ve la luz del día.

Detalles del Proyecto:

Audio: OGG 128 Kbps Estéreo
Codec: H264 Hi10p
Resolución: 720p
Contenedor: MKV
La traducción ya saben que es español neutro sin modismos. Los que siguieron mi version solo notarán unos ligeros cambios y correcciones ligeras al script así como tambien ahumentamos las líneas del contenido agregado.
No creo que sea necesario en este punto darles una reseña de esta serie, ya que si estan aquí descargándosela ya saben muy bien de que va.
Así que simplemente disfruten de los episodios.
Creo que la mayoría de fans ya abrá visto esto pero aqui les dejo el compilatorio del especial April’s Fool de Type-Moon, siempre con sus super elaboradas bromas (gracias a anonymous, Miyabro y los demas):

Yumekuri OVA


Este ova no estaba en los planes, pero ya que tenía algo de tiempo y era corto decidí sacarlo.
La fuente es un remux de la versión de [CMS]

Sinopsis sacada de Frozen Layer:
*Basado en un manga de adolescentes en fuentes termales de Hiro publicado en la revista Gekkan Comic Alive de Media Factory.

La historia gira alrededor de Yukami Makoto, un muchacho de instituto cuya afición es visitar fuentes termales. Su 100 visita a una fuente termal está en Miyama-kan, una posada controlada por cuatro muchachas: Tokura, Akino, Tsutsuji y Mitomo. Allí, Makoto espía a Yuri, una diosa de las fuentes termales, y de improviso usurpa sus poderes. Makoto termina por trabajar en la posada.

Calidad: DVD
Codec: H264 – AAC
Formato: MKV – Softsub
Resolución: 720x480p
Subtítulos: Español

Yumekuri Torrent





Busou_Shinki-2Una ligera demora en la actualización por diversas razones pero aqui se los dejo:

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure 19

Busou Shinki BD

Tal y como anunciamos hace algún tiempo, comenzaremos a sacar series en BD. Así que aguarden un poco que esta semana se vienen cosas que muchos deben haber estado esperando por mucho tiempo… yo incluido.

Busou Shinki BD 01 – 02

Mas releases pronto…

Kami_sama_Hajimemashita-1¡Y regresamos al fin con mas Kamisama, tengan un poco de paciencia!

Por cierto seguimos reclutando gente en todas la áreas.

Interesados por favor dejen un mensaje.

Disfruten de los episodios:

Kamisama Hajimemashita 04 – 05

JoJo_no_Kimyou_na_Bouken_2012-3 (4)Poniendonos al día como habíamos prometido.

Jojo 18

JoJo_no_Kimyou_na_Bouken_2012-2 (3)

Al fín sacamos el 17. Mañana el 18.

Jojo 17

Y es así que finalmente logramos acabar esta alocada pero divertida serie, no me queda nada mas que agradecer a las personas que me ayudaron a completarla en BD, a Tassadar por la edición del script y a Hiro por el encode.

Por cierto estamos buscando gente en varias áreas, traductores, editores, encoders y uploaders. Haber si nos ayudan a que no muera el fansub de verdad! Hehe, esta bien, dejaré los anuncios dramáticos para otra ocación, disfruten de los episodios, pronto JoJo.

Nyaruko 11 – 12