And… done with the stream, I didn’t want to post my impressions on the episode until watching it subbed, the niconico translation is fairly decent, and the music Kajiura used for this episode blends perfectly with the atmosphere, though the episode is composed of stills and pans the quality of the cg’s and backgrounds is outstanding, they mix very well with the 2d animation.

The VA’s cast is top notch and we have nothing to worry/complain in this aspect, for those who had heard the CD dramas and loved the interpretation there, this is practically the same, some people at /a/ said that the pace is too fast, I didn’t find it that way, the pace is perfect as it is, it didn’t omit anything or almost anything from the novel, the transition to the animation is one of the most accurate I’ve seen thing in recent time(unlike the Fate adaptation were Deen omited the prologue with Rin, why Deen why?).

The synchronized summoning of the servants is the climax of the episode, when the three Kings showed  in the screen, I was literally crying tears of joy. The scene was perfect. And as predicted by most people, the episode ended with “Are thou my Master?”,  from Saber.

We got to see part of the opening at the end, Oath Sign from LiSA, I didn’t like the j-popyish tune at first but it’s starting to grow on me, I need more episodes and the lyrics of the song so I can make a better judgement of  it. The animation on the other hand, blew me away, it spoils part of the show, but that’s ok.

One thing I regret about F/Z and their rising popularity is that is too enticing for the trolls and so they’re bashing this first episode already, saying things like: “WORDS, WORDS, WORDS”, or “it has no animation at all”, rendering the possibility of a civil and rewarding discussion null.

Don’t expect extreme battles right at the start people, this episode was made one hour (47 minutes actually), so the prologue could fit in it and we can move on onto the non-stop action.  Also ignore the trolls, I know it’s hard but at least try.

Overall, the episode was great and  I’m very excited about what we’re going to see the next episode, you guessed right, Caster and his honorable master Uryu Rinnosuke. Ufotable’s goriest and most friendly couple.

Now let us wait for the next episode, hopefully UTW will have it translated in an actually watchable quality.

The nicosubs are okyish I think, but the spanish subs is another matter. I’m not saying I’m dissapointed with them but they could have put some more effort in them.

Well that’s all SEE you all next post. That means Fate/zero subbed in spanish (for the spanish community of course).

And for the international community… I’ll get on my vector fabric and deliver some more. The saber Alter in the post card is 90% done.

Bye Bye.