"Welcome to this wonderful killing chamber!"

Great episode again,  this episode was magnificently animated and the ED spawned some precious stills that later will become wallpapers for sure. I’m watching the stream atm so my impressions on the actual scripting and pace will come later.

Loved this, you can feel how how the tension is gradually increasing bit by bit. Waver is being cutely animated, to the point in which she’s starting to look like a girl, this is no complain by the way. Iskander summoning his Gordius Wheel and leaving Waver without a breath was incredible.

Ilya running in the forest along with Kiristugu was too dangerous, I recommend having the phone at  hand and inmediatly calling the 911 in case of any eventuality. And Saber being deceived by Kiritsugu cold nature towards her, lol womans.

The highlight of the episode or should I say the COOLest part of it was Uryu’s Rinnosuke meeting with his soulmate Mister Bluebeard (where’s his beard?), the screams of despair from the boy spiked my body hair as the unspeakable horror emerged from within the shadow and started to rip him apart and devouring him from the inside and spilling his blood on the floor and walls and… Saya that are no good manners on the table, I told you before. The scene surely was gruesome and gory, but it was carried away in a perfect way, they didn’t put the part when Uryu says that he was bored of his killing methods and how all that when, but for those who want to find out just read the novel’s chapter 2. The narrative is pretty descriptive in this aspect.

And finally we saw another scene for posterity, Assassin’s Mission: Impossible, no really, just change the bgm and you’ll see it too or perhaps you’ll like more the Ocean’s Eleven lazer dance version more. It was awesome and the mood instantly changed to fabulous when the King entered in the scene, it was short, it was nicely animated but this Gate of Babylon of Ufotable already is better than thousand Deen’s ones.

Finally the ED is precious, Alexander entering the city with his bros, Gil and his Lion?, Diarmuid and HIS LADY, Bluebeard not expecting the French Inquisition, The old man of the mountain, Hassan, Lance-The knight of the lake looking at the moon, and Arthur owning his/her son.

Next episode is going be the start of the fight between Saber and Diarmuid and the 4th episode will end with Battle Royale if I’m not wrong.

By the way, while we wait for UTW subs, how about some parodies:

Now enjoy the screenshots: