This Week’s Parody while we wait for the inevitable UTW subs: “ZooLANCER”

Done with the niconico stream. What really captivated me of this episode apart from the nice visuals, was the music, slowly Kajiura’s compositions are stealing the show, well for me they are. I expect more epic music for the battle royale coming next week.

But let’s talk about what we saw this episode.

First, Tokiomi awkward talk with Gil, poor man, Independent Action is a bitch, by the way I share Gilgamesh thoughts that this world is an ugly one, but that imperfection is what makes it so interesting, don’t you all think the same?

Then we had the Rider team, the special guess this week was Bill Clinton, in the conference he was defending against some accusations like: “I did not have sex with a servant”, yeah I stole that joke from /a/, but c’mon, that comment was funny, it deserves to be re-posted here. Rider proceeds to smash around Waver for not paying attention to Tokiomi’s Servant, see that’s a bro, he wont say everything you do is alright, he will punch you in the face if you’re wrong, what a bro.

Then the arrival to Fuyuki City of Iriasviel and Seiba in Volare airlines, what. Did they took an scale on Italy? Volare means to fly in italian, the more you know. After that Saber presumes her riding skill, I don’t think many women could do that in public, oh yeahh. (Alternative, women can’t drive for shit, and that’s not an opinion that is a fact.)

Cut scene to Maiya and Kiritsugu’s meeting in the hotel… for planing. They perceive something wrong in Assasins early kill, I wonder why. After that /k/iritsugu proceeds to check all his weapons, but then goes emo and Maiya kisses him to enhance his focus, it’s a Magus thing I suppose.

And guys this isn’t NTR, netorare is when your lover is being stoled not shared like in this case, stop using that word, it’s becoming kind of annoying to see everyone miss using it. InigoMontoya.jpg

So Iriasviel and Saber were going to their base but get off their way because Iri never saw the world with her own eyes.  Saber escorts her through the city and they go to the beach to play beach voleyba- no, well everything was alright when they both sensed Lancer SWAG was turned on. I bet you can feel him 500 kms away.

Lancer shows up his poles to Saber and they start the duel?  No…

We will have to wait till next week. But hey the real fights starts from here on, I wish I had a time-travel device right now.

See you all next week.