Dark Sakura x Yuno Crossover

This particular design is a parody/crossover of Dark Sakura with Yuno from Mirai Nikki (Future Diary).

It was a request made in the drawfagthread Nº475 B by >>56289867 .

I decided to take on this one because I’m enjoying the series and I have read the manga of course, this was something that must be done no matter what, that’s what I thought… and so here is the pic.

Dark Sakura No BG

Dark Sakura No BG less with DARKness

Rider Sexy Vector (request from /fate/)

And this one is in fact part of a two part request made by some anon at /fate/.

You all should have figured this by now and if you don’t then I’ll say it here, I don’t deliver the requests following an especific chronogram and/or by the date you submitted the petition but instead follow my own instincts and/or inspiration at the moment and execute the task.  That I must confess must hurt you (all the requesters I mean) and so I had to say I’m sorry but that’s the way I roll. I can’t do it any other way.