And we reached the milestone, I thought that was going to take a little more, but not only that we went even further beyond, this blog has 10,160 visits at the moment, and so as I promised we’re going to celebrate with deliveries , through the whole weekend and until next week, starting with this:

MBAACC Archetype Traced CG

Archetype CG NO BG

I hope you all like it, this took me a lot of effort to pull out, considering the quality of the original picture.

I’m planning on doing the new Arc CG too, it looks easier to do.

Finally I want to thank to all the people that comes here, and likes my works. Thank to you all.

Then see you in any of the classic imageboards I use to frequent or in the next post for those who only come to this blog and have no idea was I just said in the first part of the sentence.

Archetype Earth V2

Archetype Earth V2 + zawarudo

Archetype Earth V2 No BG

Bye bye.