This episode left me out of words, Berzerker’s first actual apparition accompanied by that guitar riff only made it more awesome. Seen Gil mad at him was priceless.

Too bad Tokiomi pussied out and used his command to make him retreat, after that “Blackie” unraveling fury centered on Seiba.

Mister Diarmuid, as the gentleman he is, stopped him just to get his master, Kayneth, that doesn’t care about his honor or chivalry at all, use a command seal so he could aid Zerker in his killing even against his will.

Alexander didn’t just sit right there to watch this unfair battle, tha’s why the poor Blackie ended up being BULLied by Alenxander as a result.

Thne kariya show us what he had for dinner, I think it was spaguetti or- oh god no.

Of course both, Uryu and Bluebeard were watching all of this with their magical cristal ball of 42″ ® S*ny Bravia and home theater of 5.1 channels, the experience was so vivid Caster started to shed tears of joy. I’d kill for an equipment like that.

Well with me until the next post. Vectors don’t make themselves. Bye bye.

O yeah the screenshots: