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Como siempre gracias a UTW, la tardanza ya la había justificado en un post anterior, pero como verán aún con todo y la “mala” noche aqui les cumplo.

Disfruten del episodio. Por cierto Gracias a UTW por la tradu, la de nico hasta ahora no me agrada ni una pisca.

Fate/Zero 09 Script (disculpen los errores, ya corregí la mayor parte del script, creo que se debe a que no dormí nada, sorry)

MKV Thanks to Roa.



Akiha PostCard


Vermillion Ver

Vermillion Palette Swap

Sugoi Sugoi

Even Satchin had more screentime, isn't it sad?

Shut up and take all my money

Thank you Bazzett Godess

According to Seasons of Change this episode is divided in the following sections:

ゴレンニャー part.1
ゴレンニャー part.2
ゴレンニャー part.3

ファンタズムーン THE MOVIE
ちょいつき「NRVNQSR です」
タイガー道場 出張版

Full blown episode? 30 minutes? Hell Yeah!

Translation by anon:

Ahnenerbe “One-time occasion”
ChoiTsuki “It’s my friend”
Junction “Drunk”
Junction “Free Trial”
Goranya part. 1
Gorenya part. 2
Gorenya part. 3

Junction “Movies”
Fantasmoon THE MOVIE
ChoiTsuki “NRVNQSR”
Choitsuki “It’s a challenge”
Junction “Recession”
Taiga Dojo Travel Version

DVD rip where

Is dangerous to go alone, take this.

Carnival Len

PhantasMoon THE MOVIE


I wanted to release the picture above earlier but I haven’t had much free time lately… I still have to find a proper job too, wish me luck on that. I’m also preparing another Akiha, the last batch of Chibis, that Tohsaka someone requested at /fate/ and two or more surprises.

Castah V1

This one is obviously the part 2 of the request I mentioned a month ago in a post that may be  now lost in time.

My current plans include: relaxing, finding a job, to finish my first run on fate/extra… yeah I have that little time, and return to my first love, yeah I’m talking about sculpting, I’m planing to make a “Caster Tamamo original fig” with cold ceramic, I’ll post whenever I finish it.

More updates later. By the way the page now has 22,330 clicks… Somehow I lost track of the 20k milestone. I’ll celebrate when I reach 30k.

See you guys in next entry.

As the House of Representatives opens hearings on SOPA, the worst piece of Internet legislation in American history, it has rejected all submissions and testimony from public interest groups and others who oppose the bill.

Irony Alert: The House is holding hearings on sweeping Internet censorship legislation this week — and it’s censoring the opposition! The bill is backed by Hollywood, Big Pharma, and the Chamber of Commerce, and all of them are going to get to testify at the hearing.

But the bill’s opponents — tech companies, free speech and human rights activists, and hundreds of thousands of Internet users — won’t have a voice.

Yeah I copypasted and I’m extremely aware this is not the content you expect to read when you come to this weird site but this need to be heard all around the globe, is not about “them” is about all of us. Continue reading

Ah devido a un compromiso, tuve que retrasar la salida de este episodio, se que es mi hobby hacer esto pero ya que lo comparto con tantas personas considero apropiado pedir disculpas por este pequeño retraso, sobre todo con un script tan corto, solo sucederá una vez mas que será el día 26 mi cumpleaños. Dohoho.

Fate/Zero 08 Script MKV (updated)


Fate/Zero 08 Screenshots

What an amazing episode, it was full of blood and suffering, and I needed a seatbelt attached to my chair so I couldn’t get blow away by the animation.

Kotomine breaking trees with his BEAR hands, the thread eagle, Maiya feeling the power of Kirei’s kung fu was impresive too.

The magus fight came to an end too, and not a good one to our beloved Kayneth, the guy spilled his guts in that battle, poor man.

Kiritsugu was all like , that’s not my problem and Lancer did nothing because lol chivaldry.

His teamwork with Seiba was goodly though. Now we won’t be seeing much Caster until probably next season.

Iri’s scream pierced my soul, nice voice acting right there, I wanted to run and actually help that woman.

So… in short this episode was great or even better than previous ones. Go watch it now.

Edit: The Holy Grail got updated with LiSa’s – Oath Sign Single (leak) btw. Go check it out! Continue reading

Eh more fate… but we have Bazzet… I’m troubled because I wanted to see Bazzet ( Luvia Too) but CP is being overtaken by the Fate franchize and I don’t specially like that.

Well here are the previews:

Those legs man, those legs.  Ermm, till later. Bye bye.

Red Saber vs Saber Lion

Original art inspired by:

Please don’t be too rough it’s my first original work and I’m in the process to develop my own style.

Mirai Nikki x KNK