So fate/extra came out in english and every type-mooner that respect himself is playing it right now, even I forget to check UTW page early this morning (the reelease took me by surprise) like always because I was too focused in the game, anyway I gotta say I love Red Seiba but I can’t wait to hear Caster call me Master, kemono mimis (of any kind) are my weak spot. Anyway I’m making this entry to post this little vector I worked on the other day, and to post something for the spanish speaking community that follows this blog too.

Here’s Fate/Extra’s iso uploaded by a kind anon at /a/: part 1,  part 2 and the instrucctions to make it work:

Saber Alternate 10 year anniversary dress

Bueno esta entrada era para postear este vector de arriba y que los subtítulos de Carnival Phantasm 05 en español estrán listos en unas horas cuando termine de bajar los 700 mb que pesa (espero que el mkv también o quizas esté para mañana).

Archetype ED CG V3 (hopefully final version)

De todas maneras seamos optimistas y disfrutemos de Fate/Extra por el momento.

Bueno nos leemos en la siguiente entrada. Bye bye.