Type Moon Ace 7

Great news everyone, it appears that the Type-Moon ACE Magazine will ship along with a demo version of the long waited VN Mahotsukai no Yoru (Witch on the Holy Night), and not only that, according to ANN Nasu and pals revealed their intentions of going forward with the supposedly canceled proyect: Fate/Apocrypha.  Isn’t that great news? We’ll get to see the real Joan of Arc in action, aren’t you happy mister Bluebeard? 

Let’s enjoy some good Apocrypha fanart for the special occasion:

Joan of Arc


We have some new badge designs coming from the Carnival Phantasm Cafe, Satsuki, Sion and Len.

now we need Ries for the AA

And Toranohana revealed the case cover for the third season of Carnival Phantasm.

Carnival Phantasm 3

I think I’ll be posting news more often, I usually just trow all the pictures at /fate/, and keep forgetting about the blog.

Anyway see you all tomorrow in the Fate/zero episode 6 release.