This amaizing artbook came with the 2nd season’s bluray limited edition,  and 2 special postcards, the book contains the character designs and various storyboards that perhaps will see the light in the third season grand finale.

It also comes along a series of 4komas that I suppose tell us about how Kohaku is trolling mocking Akiha in some way…

IF there’s any translator out there that could help us (I’m talking in the name of all /a/ and /fate/) we will be indebted to you for the rest of our lives… well not that much but we would appreciate your effort.

In fact I’m making this proposal here: the one who can translate these 4komas will receive 1 free coupon for any vector you desire (valid for 1 picture, be type-moon related or anything even nsfw) , I’ll get on working on your request inmediatly after you make the translation, of course I’ll provide better scans whenever these are available on the net.

Oh and also I included a pretty F/Z scan of Saber and Diarmuid at the end.

See you all later.