Not really “big news” but the OST cover and its release date were finally revealed:

Carnival Phantasm OST cover (23/11/11)

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As well as the delicious new main promotional picture for season three, I’m a little sad because this fantastic series is about to finish but glad I was able to behold such magnificent comedy with all my favorite characters and the Tsukihime cast actually getting some animation for a change… let’s go all hand in hand my fellows to the promised land.

Carnival Phantasm season 3

And now escuse me everybody but I have to meditate since it’s a special date for me and a bunch of other people.

11/11/11 is a special date after all.

Bye bye.

P.D: Acaba de Salir una nueva version estable de CCCP:


Sería bueno que si siguen los releases de este “grupo” se bajaran e instalaran la nueva version.