ToyWars, a japanese multiplayer fps, is presenting us these decent Fate/Zero skins, you must be asking yourself, isn’t this lacking Zero Berserker? he would look so COOL with 2 usis wrecking some Saber shi- and I say, indeed. We have too many Sabers in our mmos and in official artbooks and in general. C’mon Type-Moon it’s time to explore the full potential of your side characters, and specially that badass guy.

Let’s continue with the news, our favorite ever changing name cafe changed is name once again… (I think this is the 4th change)

Yes now is called Fate/TYPE-MOON cafeお知らせ and features a menu and theme that promotes Type-Moon’s Mobile Site ( and it’s DJCD dramas and their Webcast show, this year Type-Moon sure is heavy on merchandising and marketing).

For Carnival Phantasm Final Season bet a hundred dollars I don’t have that it will change again to Carnival Phantasm.

RT @hikaruufo (ufotable) posted these pictures and the script for this weekend episode that heavily features the Rider Team.