What an amazing episode, it was full of blood and suffering, and I needed a seatbelt attached to my chair so I couldn’t get blow away by the animation.

Kotomine breaking trees with his BEAR hands, the thread eagle, Maiya feeling the power of Kirei’s kung fu was impresive too.

The magus fight came to an end too, and not a good one to our beloved Kayneth, the guy spilled his guts in that battle, poor man.

Kiritsugu was all like , that’s not my problem and Lancer did nothing because lol chivaldry.

His teamwork with Seiba was goodly though. Now we won’t be seeing much Caster until probably next season.

Iri’s scream pierced my soul, nice voice acting right there, I wanted to run and actually help that woman.

So… in short this episode was great or even better than previous ones. Go watch it now. http://ch.nicovideo.jp/channel/fate-zero

Edit: The Holy Grail got updated with LiSa’s – Oath Sign Single (leak) btw. Go check it out!