I wanted to release the picture above earlier but I haven’t had much free time lately… I still have to find a proper job too, wish me luck on that. I’m also preparing another Akiha, the last batch of Chibis, that Tohsaka someone requested at /fate/ and two or more surprises.

Castah V1

This one is obviously the part 2 of the request I mentioned a month ago in a post that may be  now lost in time.

My current plans include: relaxing, finding a job, to finish my first run on fate/extra… yeah I have that little time, and return to my first love, yeah I’m talking about sculpting, I’m planing to make a “Caster Tamamo original fig” with cold ceramic, I’ll post whenever I finish it.

More updates later. By the way the page now has 22,330 clicks… Somehow I lost track of the 20k milestone. I’ll celebrate when I reach 30k.

See you guys in next entry.