HNNNNNGGG so hard, this is the best birthday gift ever

Finally my Horo Plushie(s) is here, I gave the beta ver to my sister.

Now some anons want these but I don’t know how either price these or send them, as always the shipping part concerns me, but I do want to share this with all the “korbros” so this is what are we gonna do for the moment.

Just post in here with your Gmail-hotmail-whatevermail you got and we will be in contact and after I had made (or you in your place) all the research needed, we could make a deal… before you guys ask,  no, I’m not planing to charge you guys the same price these are sold in japan (the original price is a robbery). First we need to know the shipping cost and then the rest will go to my aunt, she’s the artist that made these and will make the rest possible.

if you have any doubts you can contact me: (don’t mind the cancerous xxx, I seriously wanted a plain straywolf, but somebody took it)

Horo x Saya

Soon I’m gonna need a blog specifically for all my Horo stuff…

Pixiv gallery with the rest (R-18):