I almost never update my blog with the previews, yeah in fact I’m only using this update as an excuse to post my Grail Book Edits.

Deal with it!

Update: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2011-12-01/aniplex-confirms-u.s-release-of-fate/zero-bd-boxes

I still think it’s a little bit overpriced though not as much as the japanese release.

This episode will be pure and concentrated HHHHNNNNNGGGG, so be sure to have your phone near you so you can call the 911 as fast as you can.

Dat Smile…

And now these stupids edits I made for /a/, thank you anon that made the KFC joke and all the other that gave ideas anonymously.

Check this page for updates on Sola’s, Lancer’s and Caster’s FB pages… coming soon.

Over the line but I don't care

Rejected request

Tokiomi being boring

 This one isn’t mine, but started it all.

Being Kirei is Suffering

Kiritsugu faking his AFK state

More updates at 11.

*Kayneth Smashing his head on the keyboard*

Low blow

Always on your mind

Part time Job

High Profile Magician


One at a time

I didn’t do this one but man sure people are picking up from where I left it. Thanks Anon you will always be my hero

Lol medea