Ok so my internet died for 2 days, it was painfull but not much happened in the cyber-world since then, which is nice, I don’t wanna miss anything.

And that’s all, better move on and don’t look back at those painful days ever again, remember how I said I’ll celebrate when we reach the 30k milestone? well I missed it again.

My blog has now “33,064” visits, which is good number for a “good for nothing” like me, and so I decided to make something “new”, like why don’t we make fun of Kayneth in an AMV (I started in the internet as an AMV editor btw, before even being a fansuber), and with no internet and nothing to do besides vectoring and making idiotic edits like those grailbooks that are polluting the internet, I decided to pick up the Vegas editor again and make a quick videoclip to pass time.

Check it out:

(jewtube is already sending me notifications… nothing is sacred not even my shitty edits)

Also, let’s check the “news”, what did I miss in these 2 days I wonder?

-Type-Moon will release Realta Nüa for PC

Sounds like a good plan (stop milking fate already and release Mahoyo! Damn it Nasu)

The “New Fate/Zero project” was a Saber Nendo in swimsuit designed by Takeuchi…

11/10 Type-Moon, you actually made me fell for it, I though is was gonna be Heart of Freaks…

Lambda is gonna be so happy about this, 8 years Old Akiha on CP, I can hardly contain my enthusiasm.

Edit: I forgot to add this, the new costumes for Fate/Extra CCC,

-FeMC check: fine

-MC check: fine

-Saber Check: okay, antique roman bdsm wedding dress, hmmm makes sense…

-Archer Check: aren’t you looking kinda… you know hard gay there? I though the Christmas joke was over…

-Caster Check: that dress looks… weird and what’s that hat for?  still passable though.

C’mon Archer’s attire screams GAY all over the place, but I’ll forgive this because the term GAR was invented for him (well in reality was for us, you know the story).

And then More Chubby Nendos:

I’m not fond of Nendos (I’m more a figma/revoltech fan myself) but these are cute. Maybe I could try make one with Cold Ceramic…

just maybe.

Also I’m making of this post the GrailBook part 2 (updates incoming):

Party @ Saber's... place