Is ok guys it will be fixed in the BDs…maybe.

Ah the pointy noses distracted me at every moment, you’re no suppose to give them lances instead of noses to your characters Ufotable, this isn’t Escaflowne for Arc’s sake.

The highlight of the episode as you may know was the Ionioi Hetairoi, the Army of the King, the battle against Assassin wasn’t even a battle but a massacre, femassassin didn’t even move and the rest of the gang now share the same fate (they never showed loli assasin…), dead, they were but a sacrifice to Ares.

Now there isn’t much to talk about an episode in which they just talk and Saber get’s told.

The whole coming week will be full of Hefasion is Waver from the future and things like that or the QUALITY of the episode, yeah I can see those as the starting topics, it’s gonna be an interesting week. I don’t mind the QUALITY as long as it gets fixed in the BD.

Now to rewatch the scene a couple of times and when I get tired start with the last part of grailbooks again. I also think it’s time to end that joke in a high note.

Now “enjoy” the screenshots:

See you all next week.

PD in this episode they announced the collaboration between Nasu, Urobuchi and Ryogo Narita for the development of a new RPF /TRPG (role playing fiction, whatever that means) called RED DRAGON (The F/SN Dragon showed automatically in my head when I typed this) set in a medieval fantasy setting.

That’s all we know for now, more to come about this project later.

Edit! according to MAL:

Game Master: Sanda Makoto


Urobuchi Gen (Urobuchi’s character)
Nasu Kinoko (Nasu’s character)
Narita Ryohgo (Narita’s character)
Kougyoku Izuki (Kougyoku’s character)
Shimadoriru (Shimadoriru’s character)
Music: Sakimoto Hitoshi

Here are some Pictures:

Red Dragon (obviously the title screen)

Urobuchi Gen's character

Nasu Kinoko Cloud's character

Kougyoku Izuki's character

Shimadoriru's character

Narita Ryohgo's character