Mahoyo release date 4/12/12

Pretty much everyone and their mothers now the “release” date for Mahoyo already, 4/12/12, yeah as the mayans predicted it.

But that’s not the only project Type-moon had in their hands, apparently they had a crossover planned too with a sequel of an RPG called Lord of Vermillion.  Here are some pictures that got leaked from the Type Moon Ace Vol 7.

Mahoyo x Lord of Vermillion Re2

Ahoko and Alice in LoV

Mr.Koyama said in the interview included in the TMA7, that they have put priority to the project and only 3% of the overall is left to completion, though the script and lines keep changing even at this stage.

Nasu apologises to all the TM fans that were waiting for Mahoyo in the first release date, he’s really really sorry. And that’s one of the reasons why they’re bundling the Mahoyo Trial with the magazine, so you can live a more vivid experience playing Mahoyo, yeah Mahoyo is set on winter, this Christmass was the perfect date to deliver this, or so that’s what I got from the badly translated text.

Miss Blue in blue (duh)

You have no mercy TM, do you plan to kill me before 2012?

V to the MAX

Oh is finally painted, looking gorgeous and expensive right there Seiba.

Figma Zero Saber & Figma Phantasmoon

Damn I really need a proper job, Figma Phantasmoon is coming probably from GoodSmile Company, and me here without money…

That’s nice, really nice. I can’t judge this figure as of now, proper scans will clear my doubts.

【DJCD】TYPE-MOON VOICE CARNIVAL DJCD ひびちからじお ON THE BEACH revealed its cover and is divided into 3 parts:

The Carnival Side, the Hibichika Side and the Tiger Side. Coming to you this comiket.

See you all next time, when more news appear in my desk.

Yet another edit… Mahoyo OP: