There’s a torrent on Nya way more faster that the chinese ddl link.

Use Daemon tools to mount the image and play it… And when the full version comes out please buy it, the amount of work and effort put in this, is incredible, the music composition, coloring of each and every cg (the majority of them made with a new special technique) and the novel which I did not understand one bit but I suppose I’d have to give it credit the most since is the core of this beautiful VN. I’m looking forward to read and see the real deal.


In other news…

-Apocrypha’s first act is called “Unbirth”, is about Jack The Ripper and her Master, a milf.

-1 Apocrypha character got written out, they’re now 14 servants (of the 15 designs).

Also Phantasmoon Figma new pictures:

And motorized Saber: