Ok… in the last few days we got an overload of news from every side, I was busy on wakachan’s /fate/, I was busy playing MBAACC with my friends, I was one of the few persons that got to test how the netcode kinda sucks in the first hours… but I enjoyed it.

Part 1: www.mediafire.com/?2u5b6zyr6fj8ry5
Part 2: www.mediafire.com/?k5exn1cczknxel2
Part 3: www.mediafire.com/?55mfc8p0fgf2jfh
Part 4: www.mediafire.com/?1c1e4lprm497sv6
Part 5: www.mediafire.com/?l5bkdh3drhc8nnl

(Pre-patched and ready to go, just run MBAA MK2.exe)

www.mediafire.com/?r8i7wvq0ow9z11b (keyboard rebinding tool)

Carnival Phantasm ended with this last season and it was in the best fashion… and I mean it, Lerche has all my respect.

There was a fanservice overload, you probably have seen all this already in lots of sites, I was wondering if I should post about it too, I mean “why should I? ” if the pics are all over the internet.

But this season 3 specially deserves it… at least this little mention is this poor TM dedicated site.

Poor Hibiki and Chikage, they didn’t get lines… I wonder what Ryougi’s Cook tastes like.

Anyway, but what really took all of us off guard was Fate/Prototype, remember that novel Nasu was writing back in highschool?

Yep, this is it.

Looks good, too bad they DON’T have plans for an anime series or game…yet.

Testing the waters again, TM? You did the same with Apocrypha, save time and tell us the release date.

Well that was the compilation of this year last TM related news.

Happy 2012, also it’s not the end of the world but the end of times, it means something is gonna change.

I don’t know what but let’s hope is a change for the best.


See you in 2012.