So after years of waiting and also delayed once, the vn written by Kinoko Nasu in his first years as an amateur writter sees the light for the first time in the digital format.

Mahoyo  differs from all other Type-Moon works, first: is it written in 3rd person, the reader oversees the character interaction instead of having one character perpective, and as Koyama said in an interview this create some kind of “film” atmosphere, not just because is it full of “cinematographic” shots for the cgs and effects, this work is more like a film script and could be translated easily to a tv series or movie format (Ufotable, I know you want it).

The designs were made by Hirokazu Koyama instead of Takeuchi, I love Takeuchi’s style but Koyama is a god with backgrounds and characters too, is refreshing to see a new style once in a while and not just overuse one artist.

Of course I must say it, the music selection is godly, Vivaldi (in the tv cm), Erik Satie, etc. I  actually dropped some tears back then when Gimnopedie Nro. 1 started to play. The music gives a lot of life to the world of Mahoyo, and we can hear some cheerful music and some really really blue tracks, and some others that give you mystery vibes, appropriate for this magical setting.

And there’s always few people complain about the lack of voices in this work. I’m still not sure if it would be better with voices, just from the demo I got a strong impression about its general quality, maybe some acting here and there ala Fate Realta Nüa wouldn’t have been bad but this VN doesn’t lack either in visuals, music or composition. That’s my honest opinion. Not having voices doesn’t make it any less better.

Well for now that’s what I wanted to write, take it as a demo review that I didn’t make in time and now that the REAL DEAL has come I had to do it to fill in the empty space of this sorry excuse of a blog.

Stat info from the VN:

Aozaki Aoko

Birthday: 7.7. height: 163cm body weight: 51kg
Likes: faithful dogs dislikes: faithful dogs (no typo) day of the decisive battle: abandoned building in snow

Magic schools: processing magical power throught numerology (same numerology as Roa and Ciel), transformation, output. Blue magic (5th)
Magic circuit/quality: C Magic circuit/quantity: E Magic circuit/composition: normal; extremely simple.

Aozaki Tōko

Birthday: 8.8. height: 165cm body weight: 52kg
Likes: producive people dislikes: destructive people day of the decisive battle: old school building of snow

Magic schools: runes, human body engineering, universal construction magic.
Magic circuit/quality: EX Magic circuit/quantity: B+ Magic circuit/composition: normal

Without much more fanfare here you have Mahoyo 1.01:

Mahoyo ISO (ISO:6.8GB):

115分流:part1  part2  part3  part4  part5  part6  part7  part7(备)
ST的115分流:part1  part2  part3  part4  part5  part6  part7
howfile分流:part2  part7
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Torrent:  Mahoyo ISO Torrent (6.8gb)  Mahoyo ISO Torrent 2 Mahoyo Iso+Patch Torrent 3

Update NODVD:

补丁 –

补丁2 –

Thank you very much, Sakaki565 and 都谷捻柏 from Sumisora

The game is still unpatched so try with this ID:”36WZhkQz0″.

By the way here are some pictures of the artbook:

Sexy MeltyBlood Aoko draw by Koyama.

Hmmm, we were right about the werewolves after all.

Penguin Alice.

Touko’s Aoko based Marionette.