f_0001d1_snapshot_00.07_[2013.01.15_14.21.22]Well guys… it’s been a while since I posted anything Type-Moon related in this blog.

But I think it’s time to go back to my roots and write about the  stuff this blog was dedicated to and created for in the first place.

Some of you may have already seen this, but if not then I’m glad to show you the Tsukihime Remake PV.

Yumiduka Satsuki hasn’t changed that much IMO, she’s only wearing a yellow sweater now.

The same with Kohaku and Hisui, both maids didn’t even get a new uniform. It appears the main changes in attire are just for the main 3 girls.

Will we get a Satchin route this time around? Only time will tell.

Tsukihime Remake PV:

Pretty nice eh? The rearrange of  Track 08 evocates irremediably a feeling of nostalgia.

Leaving the hype aside, there’s still no date on the release and no more info than the vague data already given in the most recent magazine articles.

Anyway along with this PV we got the Carnival Phantasm OVA that premiered at the TM Fest last year. Of course I’ll be subbing it in spanish.

Here I took some screenshots but you’re better not watching them if you don’t want to spoil yourself:

Oh yeah I’ll leave this here too:



Dat Ryougi Mana, Dreams do come true after all?

More News at 11! See ya later.