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Also you can watch it here:
【ニコニコ動画】Fate/stay night [Realta Nua] for PS Vita PV

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So guys, this is the end of the line, we reached the final destination, though I must say the journey was enjoyable…

I don’t have the time to write a long post for now cause I need to work, but I wanna say  thanks to all the followers of this blog that came here since the last year when I started this on a whim.

You can watch the last episode here:

Fate/Zero 25

Here the Screenshots of the Final Episode, The End of The 4th Holy Grail War:

The serie’s climax is here. The most awaited episode of Fate/Zero came and left. Why do this series have to be so quick. Damn.

Rider faced his most overwhelming enemy until now, and went away with a big smile on his face. Not to mention today’s episode aired on the aniversary of the dead of original historical figure, let’s take a minute to remind Alexander the Great, the king on Conquerors. May he rest in peace now. Go dream with Okeanos, the unreachable Sea at the end of the World!


Wow just wow, I feel hyped because the best fights are coming in next week, but sad ’cause Iri had to die, my expression right now is probably the same as Kerry in this episode. I really liked her and her figma isn’t coming yet for me… 2 bad news in this weekend.

Here are the screenshots:

I got nothing to say, this was a wonderful episode, V-max chase, Excaliblast, Souken trolling , Kirei Keikaku Doori and Kariya despair.

Watching the episode on nico right now.