“I am the bone of my resources
Hard-disk is my body, and file is my blood
Have witnessed thousands of crashes
Unknown to delete, nor known to recover
Have withstood boredom to upload Gs of data
Yet, those servers will never hold anything
So as I pray, Unlimited Uploads Works”

King of OSTs, Do you have enough CD’s?

(Due to Megaupload’s closure I will be uploading by request some of the albums that were only hosted at MU and also setting up a password again… sorry for the inconvenience)


-This is page was intended as a recollection of links that are scattered all over the internet, you can find most of them by lurking hours and hours or by having a moderate to extreme GOOGLE-FU skills, all of these were uploaded by different people in different times, in different zones, countries, speaking different languages and dialects reunited in one place for your convenience. The only thing we all share is our fanaticism over Type-Moon’s stuff.

-I did not rip any of them, and certainly I did not upload any of the albums you find in here. Well maybe 1 or 2. I’m not taking any credit. And you don’t need to thank me.

-If you want to thank someone, direct your feelings to the original composer/s for the magnificent music and buy the actual CD.  Support the Industry! And of course thank the original uploader/s if you ever cross path with him/her/them.

-All the music belongs to the original Artist/s. And Type-Moon.

You can also download pretty much everything from this Mediafire Folder or either of the locations below:

       115 Folder

   Courtesy of Saberto of Sumisora.

      Baidu Recollection

         (Flacs, Apes, TTAs and more).


Current Discussion Thread: http://wakachan.org/fate/res/127298.html

Old thread saved for posterity: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?edhbbhp1gb0aagh

(still functional but some links have been deleted, be warned)


Since most of the links are unnusable this place with go through a masive change, await new links in the coming weeks /months.