As you all may know it I’ve been avoiding to post due to various reasons, mostly being too busy with irl stuff, some games and also work.

but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing nothing for the revival of that project that I started way back at iichan and /a/…

No I haven’t forgotten, most of you came here because you heard or read that this blog had most OSTs TM related, I’m a big TMfag after all.

Anyway today I present you what I’ve been working on the past week… I needed inspiration to start… and I could have bring myself to do it earlier but finally never did.

ost works

Now this Great Grial will have everything available in the internet and all the things I can upload on my own with this shitty connection…

The main difference this time is:

-Classification per Title

-Little Description along with cover art and track titles.

-New links

-Video Section, Novels and Games.

soundtrack collection

If you can help by uploading links or making some renders/vectors, please mail me at :

Also if anyone know a good free domain + hosting site that doesn’t suck do tell me.

P.D: Oh yeah now that I’m “back” I may aswell update this blog more often… so see ya next time!


Design Progress = 40%

Link update = 0.5%





Update: Sections will be game themed…




You gotta admit this shit looks cool, anyone wanna offer himself for a beta testing?