Being having some problems with either work  or some stuff I can’t even talk about it. Anyway, I’ve been practically “dead” this year but as a fenix I must resurrect and bring something new from time to time, first I haven’t abandoned the TM databait project, it’s alive but my pc crash because I uploaded to many things to that freaking page… I’m working on a way to fix that without having to buy more RAM, I have to many figures I don’t wanna miss and a new HDD to buy if I wanna keep collecting animu.

The other thing is I haven’t been THAT dead, even though the “fansub” era is pretty much dead for me, and I don’t wanna keep going on after all these years ’cause I have lost most of my motivation, Yeah everybody I don’t know whether TOSHOKAN fansub will keep on going or not, I wanted to but the times between releases just keep growing and growing and I feel it’s happening the same thing that happened with Anime-Team, soon it’ll be dead, much like the spanish fansubing scene. So I’m going SOLO again. And no, this time I wont recruit anyone to form a new group, I’m a Stray Wolf after all, going in packs it’s not my thing, if my former companions decide to release Jojo and some other series in which I provided the script, well that would be sweet, if not then don’t blame me, I tried, Oh I tried and prayed for the release of Fate/Zero BD, downloaded the whole thing with my crappy internet (not so crappy anymore) the only thing that was missing was tweaking the scripts a little bit and that would be all, but it didn’t happen and let’s not lie anymore, it probably never happen.

So I’m here again alone as it should be… I’ll do my thing they’ll do theirs, we may or may not cross paths again, though from my experience that mostly never happens in my little world. Once you go your way it’s practically impossible to work the same as before.

That being said, I’m closing this “Toshokan chapter” and moving to the next project.

So… what’s next? First creating my own job, sorta, it’s a complicated thing but I’ve been importing stuff and after dozens of trials and errors I reached my final state of knowing what to do next and how attack the market. What I been doing was just a test I suppose and now with a little financial back up from a trusted investor, I’ll break free from slavery, yay.

And what’s next on the stuff that people really care, cause the previous part was something personal that nobody ever knew nor is interested in… let’s see. I just go with the flow, like water or the wind, I don’t have “plans” so let me update with some stuff that I’ve worked in the past months just because shit and giggles:

The Archetype / Clone Chart (still on progress)

Archetype Clone Chart

Archetype Clone Chart

Of course you’ll have to be an /a/ citizen to understand some of the jokes here, and this shit right here isn’t serious at all, so fuck off if you’re one of those that wants some of the categories renamed cause a character came way before that the other, take your autism somewhere else please.

Also these Ryuko Edits that I did on a whim, as you guys may know I’m mostly a harmless tripfag lurker, I don’t post that often in /a/, I just like to read whatever stupidity comes out of it, and it’s been 8 years for me of reading stupid shit on that board, and I love it, I love to create OC for anons every once in a while when I’m in the mood and these are pretty good examples of it:


Find the whole thing on my pixiv if you want:

And lastly but not any less important, yeah that, you guys guessed right, you’re deductive abilities are better than Sherlock Holmes’s, I’ve been playing Kancolle after some friends insisted I should, and I love the game and all my fair earned Kanmusus, I wanna do some vectors for the Teitoku Community out there, and I will probably after the Arpeggio x Kancolle event… so next year, I’ll be subbing the anime when comes out the same with the ufotable project. As I said earlier, please don’t expect me to give you guys a proper release, I’ll only provide scripts.


Pretty festive eh?

hardcore rape poi

Poor Little Poi

Hang in there Poi, soon you’ll be grown up lady able to beat the abysmal bitches, I swear.

And that’s pretty much all, now if you excuse me I’ll be back to the world of the dead ones and play some more kancolle…